Winter Training/2024 Spring Season

Cost- $390

Includes: 12 winter training sessions with your team

New sublimated uniform

One practice pinnie

Multi child discounts processed at checkout

New players need to upload birth certificates during registration


1st and 2nd Grade Boys and Girls:  P.A.L. Developmental Program.   Coaches are on the field to help players.

Oceanside 1st/2nd grade teams practice 2 days per week.   Most games will be scheduled for Sundays.

Games are played against teams from other communities once per week.  Teams play a 6-8 game Inter-town schedule.


3rd Grade Boys through 6th Grade Boys:  P.A.L.  Regular Spring Season, 8-9 games.

3rd Grade Girls through 6th Grade Girls:  P.A.L.  Regular Spring Season, 8-9 games.


3rd – 6th Grade teams:  Usually practice twice a week in the evening and most games are held on Sundays.  Some games will be played on Saturdays. Practices are typically 1.5 hours long and usually do not start before 5:30 during the week with younger grades starting then and the older grades starting later. Practices are held on the fields located at Oceanside High School.

Regular season P.A.L. games start last weekend in March/first week in April and end first week in June, depending on calendar and weather.


Boys: stick, lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, mouth piece, protective cup recommended.

Girls: girls lacrosse stick, approved lacrosse goggles; mouth piece.  Headgear maybe worn but is not required.

Cleats recommended for boys and girls.